4 altcoins that could grow in April

4 altcoins that could grow in April

4 Polkadot Altcoins you NEED to know about!!


4 altcoins that could grow in April

  • WRX has broken the descending resistance line.

  • XTZ met support above the 100-day moving average.

  • RSI on LTC and TOMO charts gives signals of bullish divergence.

4 altcoins that could grow in April

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In February, most altcoins rose noticeably, but March turned out to be extremely unfortunate for digital assets. The tokens received a particularly strong blow during the sales on March 11-13, and some altcoins lost more than 50% in price. At the same time, by the end of the month, some signs appeared that allow us to expect growth of some coins.

Cryptocurrency analyst and trader @damskotrades notes that the decline in bitcoin dominance over the recent dynamics of several altcoins suggests that a few altcoins will rally in relief in the coming month. Specifically, the trader points to the following four coins:

  • WRX
  • XTZ
  • TOMO
  • LTC

Altcoin relief coming

4 altcoins that could grow in April

– BTC. Dominance showing weakness
– Majors look ready for some upside
– Lot of mids shaping up
– $ Waves pumped away from me without letting me in

Looking at: $ WRX $ XTZ $ TOMO $ LTC $ ALTS $ CRYPTO pic.twitter.com/Hk7E3FcfXJ

– CryptoAmsterdam (@damskotrades) April 1, 2020

Below we will look at the prospects for each of these altcoins separately to determine their growth potential..

WazirX (WRX)

There are no long-term charts for WRX as it is a relatively new coin. The most important moment in the current dynamics is the rise that started at the beginning of March, which on the 9th brought the quotes to a maximum at around 2666 satoshi. Since then the price has been falling.

WRX confirmed the status of the 1500 Satoshi breakout level, from where it began to develop a rebound. On April 1, the price broke through the descending resistance line and is in the process of moving towards the next resistance in the 2000 Satoshi zone.

Main trends

  • Token As the use of cryptocurrencies grows, new types of tokens are emerging. They can represent value or something intangible like voices. Two … More broke the descending resistance line.
  • Support is expected at 1400 Satoshi.
  • Resistance passes at 2000 and 2500 satoshi.

Tezos (XTZ)

XTZ is trading in the strong support area of ​​25,000 Satoshi. This is the previous breakout level, a rise above which in early February eventually led to new all-time highs in the 40530 satoshi area recorded on February 21. Then the price broke down the symmetrical triangle (March 9) and has been declining since then.

Current support is underpinned by the 100-day moving average, which suggests a rebound from this area towards the nearest 28,500 satoshi resistance.

4 altcoins that could grow in April

Main trends

  • The price went down from the symmetrical triangle.
  • Support is at 25000 Satoshi and resistance is at 28500 Satoshi.

Tomochain (TOMO)

TOMO is trading in the 3500 Satoshi support area. This level supported prices throughout the past year and even served as a springboard for growth to record highs around 10903 satoshi.

Daily RSI is giving signals of bullish divergence, suggesting movement towards the nearest resistance of 5300 Satoshi and possibly higher.

Main trends

  • Support runs at 3500 Satoshi.
  • Daily RSI signals bullish divergence.
  • Resistance is expected at 5200 Satoshi.

Litecoin (LTC)

Litecoin has been following a downtrend support line since January 18 and has rebounded from this line several times – most recently on March 25.

The rise is preceded by bullish divergence signals from the daily RSI. The token continues to strengthen and seems to be aiming for resistance around ₿0.0068.

Main trends

  • Support runs at ₿0.0068.
  • Daily RSI signals bullish divergence.
  • Price follows a descending support line.



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