All Spanish deputies received one euro in bitcoins

All Spanish deputies received one euro in bitcoins

Spanish lawmakers get cryptocurrency in a bid to promote industry


All Spanish deputies received one euro in bitcoins

  • Spanish MPs receive bitcoin for review

  • Spain prepares to roll out digital currency

  • France, Spain and Germany are already considering creating a CBDC

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All the current deputies of the Spanish Congress, and these are 350 people, became the owners of bitcoins. The officials’ accounts were credited with coins in the amount of 1 euro. This giveaway was one of the stages of a training program for politicians from Tutellus and Observatorio Blockchain.

All Spanish deputies received one euro in bitcoins

Spain is moving towards digitalization of the economy

Members of Congress in Spain received their first digital coins. This distribution was organized by Tutellus and Observatorio Blockchain, which are implementing a training program for parliamentarians in anticipation of the digital transformation of the country’s economy..

“We explained to our esteemed members of Congress that we are living in a time of profound change, and we also tried to highlight the important role that cryptocurrencies play today,” sources in the organization say about the motivation behind the initiative..

According to Miguel Caballero, founder of Tutellus, every member of Congress needs to understand what Bitcoin is and how it works. To do this, the company credited each politician with 1 euro in bitcoins. Now the task of officials is to learn how to replenish the wallet, make transactions and, in general, understand how the blockchain works..

This initiative was one of the milestones in the implementation of a comprehensive program for the adoption of digital means of payment. Previously ECB President Christine Lagarde stated that the European Union is preparing to regulate digital currencies and is even considering launching a digital euro that will complement fiat currencies. In this regard, officials of the Eurozone countries must acquire certain skills and understanding of the principles of blockchain and cryptocurrencies..

“With the digital euro approaching, we believe that our MPs and citizens should be aware of the benefits and risks of cryptocurrencies. Our task is to let everyone know what cryptocurrency is. Learning how to use it is the best way to understand what we are talking about ”- said the founder of Tutellus.

All Spanish deputies received one euro in bitcoins

Europe prepares to regulate digital currencies

Note that Spain is not the first country in the European Union to prepare for the adoption of digital currencies at the legislative level. More recently, the BeInCrypto portal reported that several central banks at once, including banks from the Eurozone countries, announced their readiness to implement CBDC. The Facebook project became a certain trigger for central banks.In June 2019, Facebook announced preparations for the release of the Libra digital currency. The social networking project immediately attracted attention … More. Stablecoin LibraIn June 2019, Facebook announced preparations for the release of the Libra digital currency. The social network project immediately attracted attention … More was conceived as a global cryptocurrency that can be freely used in any country in the world, which actually erases the boundaries and opens free access to financial instruments. If Facebook’s idea is implemented, Libra could become the leading payment instrument, and this cannot but worry the governments of the countries..

About CBDC Development Paper notes and coins may be a thing of the past due to a new financial instrument – central bank digital currency (CBDC). As … More was previously reported by the German government, and France even chose a platform to create its digital currency. The Tezos blockchain has become such a platform. This was officially announced by Societe Generale-Forge, a startup founded by French investment bank Societe Generale, and Nomadic Labs involved in the project..

Outside the Old World, the Central Banks of Japan, South Korea and China are also taking part in the race to develop digital currencies..

All Spanish deputies received one euro in bitcoins


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