Apple deliberately blocks dApps in the App Store

Apple deliberately blocks dApps in the App Store

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Apple deliberately blocks dApps in the App Store

  • Apple hinders the development of technology in cryptocurrencies

  • Brian Armstrong has repeatedly stated Apple’s hostility towards cryptocurrencies

  • Apple is several times richer than the entire crypto market

Apple deliberately blocks dApps in the App Store

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Brian Armstrong, CEO of the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange, announced this. With this decision, Apple deliberately hinders the development of digital innovations in the field of cryptocurrencies..

Apple intentionally blocks dApps in the App Store

Apple is afraid of dApp competition

This idea was expressed by Brian Armstrong on his official Twitter page. Armstrong believes Apple is fighting an unfair competitive war by preventing decentralized applications from providing services to users of Apple products.

DeFiDecentralized Finance (DeFi) – this is financial services, built on blockchain technology, which offer users access to open, efficient and … More and Dapps is a core area of ​​innovation in financial services that has grown rapidly in recent years. They allow people to access the global credit market, for example, to get a loan or earn interest. Dapps or DeFi apps are essentially just websites that you can access through any browser. So Apple is essentially saying that you cannot provide users with a list of websites that they can visit through the app, “Armstrong wrote in a tweet..

He goes on to note the potential impact of Dapps and DeFi applications on emerging markets and more importantly, underserved communities. Technology can, for example, provide an alternative source of finance and loans in parts of the world where banks are not available or otherwise unavailable..

In addition, Armstrong said Apple forbids people from making money during a recession, and the CEO of Coinbase is genuinely wondering why. Indeed, for many people, cryptocurrencies have become the main source of income..

Armstrong also said that he tried to personally talk with Apple management about the current situation, but the decision was never made..

“We tried to talk it over through regular channels with Apple, and I went directly to management asking for dialogue, but it looks like we’re at a dead end,” Armstrong wrote..

In turn, the CEO of Coinbase reminded Apple of how they came under pressure from Microsoft. Specifically, Armstrong asked to recall “that small group of enthusiasts and losers in the home computer club who saw a glimpse of the future in the Apple II? Big ideas sometimes start out as toys ”.

Twitter users reacted differently to Armstrong’s message. And if some fully shared the position of the head of the crypto exchange, others, on the contrary, supported the position of Apple, accusing the cryptocurrency world of constant scams..

For example, @ shadow13406225 wrote the following:

“These assets, which are often mistakenly referred to as cryptocurrencies by manipulators and Ponzimarketers, do not fulfill the three functions assigned to the currency (unit of account, medium of exchange and store of value), are not recognized as legal tender or payment instruments, and do not offer holders any guarantees of security, convertibility or value. “, – said in the message.

While the issue of dApp integration in the Apple App Store remains open.

Apple is richer than the entire cryptocurrency market

In general, this position of Apple is not clear. It is likely that the manufacturer of “apple” phones and computers is really afraid of competition, but it does not seem entirely plausible. At the moment Apple capitalization in several times the capitalization of the entire cryptocurrency market.

Apple intentionally blocks dApps in the App Store

Earlier, Brian Armstrong had already declared Apple’s hostile attitude towards cryptocurrencies, but hoped for a positive resolution of the situation, which did not happen.

“Apple has been very restrictive and hostile to cryptocurrencies over the years. They still block some features, including the ability to make money with cryptocurrencies by completing tasks, and unlimited dApp browsers, ”wrote Armstrong..

As a reminder, BeInCrypto has already reported that Apple has frozen Epic Games’ App Store account.


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