Binance Adds Brave Browser Widget to Android

Binance Adds Brave Browser Widget to Android

Trade with Binance Widget Directly in Brave Browser


Binance Adds Brave Browser Widget to Android

  • Binance Launches Brave Browser Widget

  • Brave for Android will allow millions of users to access and Binance.US

  • Brave browser opens access to the darknet market

Binance Adds Brave Browser Widget to Android

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The Binance widget has been added to the Brave Browser Update for Android (version 1.17). In desktop versions of Brave, it has been available since April last year, when the first browser and exchange integration took place..

Binance is available in the Brave browser

Today’s Brave Browser for Android update (version 1.17) includes the Binance widget. In the desktop versions of Brave, it has been available since April last year, when the first browser and exchange integration took place. Brave Android users can now easily trade and manage cryptocurrency assets right in their mobile browser.

Brave browser has 20 million monthly active users, daily active user audience is 7 million users. Brave ranked # 1 among browsers on Google Play this year. Integrating the Binance widget directly into the Brave Android browser will allow millions of users to access and Binance.US, as well as simplify access to cryptocurrencies.

Using the widget, you can easily view your account details, deposit funds and conduct transactions with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, Ripple, Litecoin and other assets available on Binance.

Just like the desktop version of the Brave browser, Android users can interact with the Binance widget simply by opening a new tab in the browser. To get started with the widget, you need to follow a few simple steps:

Binance Adds Brave Browser Widget to Android
  • Click on the “Connect” widget to connect the Binance widget to the exchange;
  • Authenticate on Binance to display all assets available on Binance;
  • To disable the widget, you must select “Disconnect” in the drop-down menu of the widget.

Once connected, users can do the following:

  • Check balance: View the asset balance of your Binance account.
  • Deposit funds: a list of available assets in the account, search for certain cryptocurrencies and view the value of the wallet in fiat (choosing an asset from this list will also show the address for entering the asset in the form of text and a QR code);
  • Convert: Converting one asset to another (the exchange rate is displayed for 30 seconds; the Binance widget updates the balance in the Asset Allocation tab shortly after the conversion is complete);
  • Buy: buying and selling cryptoassets (after completing transactions, purchases are displayed in the Binance widget);

The integration is designed to provide a secure way to buy and sell cryptocurrency while maintaining user privacy. The Binance widget is built directly into the Brave browser on Android, API calls can only be made on Binance if the user has authenticated through OAuth and interacts with the widget. After disabling the widget, the Brave browser will not be able to access the account until the user connects the widget back. To hide the widget, you need to open a new tab and select the “Edit” option. A list of widgets will open where you can disable the Binance widget.

Brave browser provides complete anonymity

To protect your personal data from total control by the government, crypto researcher Sylvain Saurel recommends using Bitcoin and the new Brave browser, which reliably protects information from third-party intrusion. The Brave browser allows you to protect user data while working with wallets and exchanges, so that intelligence agencies cannot track transactions and establish the recipient and sender addresses. In addition, the creators of the browser offer users BAT tokens, with which they can buy bitcoins or pay for other browser functions, for example, block ads, mentions and notifications, etc..

This browser has become very popular among crypto users. At the beginning of the month, the developers of Brave reported that the number of active users reached 20 million..

Providing complete privacy to users, the browser has become in demand among the participants of the darknet. The developers added support for Tor proxies to access darknet sites. The developers of the browser reported this on their official website. Tor’s integration protects Brave users from being monitored by ISPs, guest Wi-Fi providers and visited sites, the company notes..


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