Bitcoin Cash is out of hibernation, next stop is $ 3000

Bitcoin Cash is out of hibernation, next stop is $ 3000

Kim Dotcom Bullish on Bitcoin Cash (BCH) – Expects $3000+ in 2021


Bitcoin Cash is out of hibernation, next stop is $ 3000

  • Bitcoin Cash grows faster than Bitcoin for the first time in a long time

  • Kim Dotcom promises BCH growth to $ 3,000

  • Another bell that altcoin season is coming

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Bitcoin Cash has been holding close to historic lows for a long time, however, a massive recovery in the cryptocurrency market brought BCH out of suspended animation

The giant woke up

The bullish trend in the cryptocurrency market sent bitcoin (BTC) to historic highs above $ 24,000 and woke up several dormant altcoins at once. Litecoin (LTC) has shown rapid growth, justifying its status as one of the largest cryptocurrencies. ETH is firmly entrenched above $ 600, and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has risen in price by more than 30% over the week and finally emerged from the shadow of its older brother.

BCH chart for 24 hours: CoinGecko

As of this writing, BCH is trading at $ 369. Over the course of the day, the coin went up by more than 16% and tested the $ 380 mark. This is the maximum since the end of February 2020.

Bitcoin Cash is out of hibernation, next stop is $ 3000

The BCH rate reached a bottom at $ 76.93 in December 2018. Having won back part of the losses, the coin entered a phase of consolidation and was in oblivion for many months.

According to the trader under the nickname “The Market Junkie”, mentions of BCH have almost disappeared from social networks, although earlier supporters of the coin actively promoted it on Twitter and on other platforms. According to him, such a lull is a sure signal to buy..

$ BCH is at the ATL and I don’t even see a soul mocking the coin or Roger. Unironically going to buy some, will update later

– The Market Junkie (@eternalgreedbtc) December 19, 2020

BCH is more than just a clone

Bitcoin Cash is a Fork In the crypto world, a fork is essentially a change to the blockchain protocol. Since cryptocurrencies operate on decentralized networks, all parties … More bitcoin. When the network split occurred, all BTC holders received new coins in an amount equivalent to the amount of bitcoins they had in their accounts and wallets. Well-known crypto enthusiast and eccentric crypto impresario Roger Ver supported the fork and even promoted BCH as a real bitcoin for a long time..

Interested in buying Bitcoin Cash? We tell you the best place to do it

Now, Kim Dotcom, an internet entrepreneur, political activist and founder of the platform, has joined the supporters of the coin. According to Kim, the Bitcoin fork is great for everyday payments and could very well grow to $ 3,000 in the coming years..

Bitcoin > great for asset storage
Bitcoin Cash > great for payments

Bitcoin Cash at $ 310 today.
I expect $ 3000 + next year.


More and more vendors accept crypto. Vendors want low fees and fast transactions.

I’m bullish on BCH.

I’ll retweet this in a year.
Maybe earlier.

– Kim Dotcom (@KimDotcom) December 17, 2020

Kim noted that the number of sellers, sellers will actively integrate BCH as a payment method, which will become the main growth catalyst for the coin’s rate., a content creation and distribution platform, will also add BCH support.

Bitcoin Cash is out of hibernation, next stop is $ 3000

Altcoins. New season

The cryptocurrency market is highly correlated. Altcoins usually follow Bitcoin, and when BTC broke the $ 20,000 mark, many started talking about the upcoming altcoin season. During this period, alternative coins are growing faster than the main cryptocurrency, creating interesting investment opportunities. As a rule, this trend is accompanied by a fall in the BTC dominance index..

Earlier, the editorial staff of BeInCrypto wrote that Litecoin overtook BTC in growth rates. Similar dynamics are observed with regard to BCH.

Will the altos push Bitcoin, and if so, for how long? What do you think? Write in the comments and share your opinion in our telegram channel.


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