Bitcoin whale sent out almost 20 …

Bitcoin whale sent out almost 20 …



Bitcoin whale sent almost 20 thousand BTC to numerous addresses

  • One of the bitcoin whales completely emptied its crypto wallet.

  • Over $ 184 million worth of bitcoins stored at this address have been sent to numerous other addresses..

  • A similar scheme is popular on the crypto market.

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The owner of one of the largest bitcoin wallets sent all his assets, which amounted to over $ 184 million in USD, to many different addresses.

The popular analytical service Whale Alert (@whale_alert), which monitors cryptocurrency wallets, recently told its Twitter readers that an unknown bitcoin whale activity was noticed on the crypto market.

Whale splash

We are talking about the owner of the address, which was ranked 38th in the ranking of the richest bitcoin holders. More than 0.1% of the total volume of the circulating supply of the MTC was stored on his wallet. This amount was 19,630.80 BTC, which at the time of writing was equivalent to more than $ 184.4 million.

Bitcoin whale sent out almost 20 ...

According to Blockchain data, this address has been active since November 2018, and throughout the entire time its owner only accumulated funds on it – until the last transaction. Now, according to Whale Alert, the owner of the wallet withdrew all the funds stored on it and sent them to many other bitcoin addresses..

Once again, the size of the commission for this impressive transaction attracts attention. The very first transfer of the entire amount from one address to another cost the whale only 0.00421580 BTC, or about $ 40. It seems that after a dizzying rise in the cost of transactions in the bitcoin network in the first half of the year, the situation with the size of commissions is still normalizing, and this attracts large players.

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After the first transfer of the entire amount to the new address, the movement of bitcoins continued even more actively. From the new wallet, many transactions were recorded to numerous other BTC addresses. This time, the size of each transaction was around 195.04 BTC. As a result, each recipient of the transfer now owns a cryptocurrency worth more than $ 1.8 million.

Bitcoin whale sent out almost 20 ...

According to Blockchain data, at least one of the beneficiaries subsequently also split their funds, sending 10 BTC to different addresses. Further movements of these funds have become very difficult to track..

Familiar scheme

As usual, the movement of such large sums of money has generated a number of speculations among the participants in the crypto community. Some have suggested that this transaction may be related to over-the-counter trading (OTC).

Others felt that a large bitcoin holder could be a custodian provider or digital asset manager. According to their version, he decided to split the funds into many wallets for security reasons or for more efficient money management..

In any case, no information has yet emerged as to whether any of these bitcoins have entered crypto exchanges..

Recall that recently the BeInCrypto editorial board has already reported about another similar case. Then the largest anonymous bitcoin wallet similarly withdrew almost $ 1 billion from its account, also sending them to other unknown addresses..

Bitcoin whale sent out almost 20 ...

We also add that quite often such distribution of funds to new addresses is associated with attempts by fraudsters to cover their tracks and get lost in the network. A similar situation is now observed with the tokens of the burst financial pyramid PlusToken, the chaotic movements of which crypto experts are trying to track..


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