Chainlink has overtaken Bitcoin in activity …

Chainlink has overtaken Bitcoin in activity …



Chainlink overtook Bitcoin in developer activity on Github

  • Chainlink Developer Engagement Reaches Record Amid LINK Explosive Growth

  • Bitcoin was in 5th place in terms of involvement of the technical community in the development of the project

  • Even allegations of fraud and meaningless partnerships did not stop LINK’s price growth

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The involvement of crypto developers around the Chainlink project on Github is happening just against the backdrop of the historical high of the LINK token price

Chainlink has overtaken Bitcoin in activity ...

The number of edits by developers of the Chainlink cryptocurrency project reached a record on Github, overtaking the Bitcoin community in activity.

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Chainlink has overtaken Bitcoin in activity ...

According to the Cryptomiso resource, the number of “commits” of the Chainlink blockchain project is 1737 ahead of Bitcoin..

Source: Cryptomiso

Thus, the source code of bitcoin takes only 5th place in the rating of activity of blockchain developers..

Development cycle

Commit means committing changes to any files included in the project repository on Github.

The liveliness of the community can be attributed to Chainlink’s large-scale campaign focused on concluding collaborative agreements with various cryptocurrency startups, the number of which has long crossed the 140 mark..

According to Github, Chainlink currently has 12 open technical issues that the project developers are working on..

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High involvement can mean interest in the development of the project, token As the use of cryptocurrencies grows, new types of tokens appear. They can represent value or something intangible like voices. Two … More of which already updated historical maximum.

Chainlink has overtaken Bitcoin in activity ...

At the time of this writing, the price of LINK / USDT is $ 18.87, and the project itself has long been included in the top 5 cryptocurrency ecosystems by market capitalization.

Straight ahead

LINK’s rise in price was largely unaffected by a recent incident involving allegations of fraud by anonymous asset management firm Zeus Capital LLP..

The editors of BeInCrypto wrote that Zeus Capital accused the Chainlink management of meaningless partnerships, as well as classic pump schemes. & dump.

Citing an anonymous Callisto Network spokesperson, Zeus Capital argued that any Chainlink partnerships with other projects were limited to advertising announcements..

“We did not use their services because they never contacted us again and did not respond,” an anonymous spokesman for Callisto Network said at the time..

However, later reports appeared on the network, according to which Zeus Capital offered to reward various influencers to carry out technical analysis Investments in and trade in cryptocurrencies are impossible without the use of technical and fundamental analysis. Despite the popularity of both of these tools, intraday … More LINK Cryptocurrencies.

Who exactly founded Zeus Capital and where the firm is located is still unknown..

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