Cryptocurrency news for today April 12

Cryptocurrency news for today April 12

Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Finance & Global News – April 12th 2020

Cryptocurrency news for today April 12

  • Bitcoin Approaches Halving, Uncertainty Rises

  • BitMEX CEO Issues Unexpectedly Bearish Forecast For Bitcoin

  • Crypto scam is no longer such a profitable business

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There are 29 days left before the halving of bitcoin, the situation is heating up. How much the first cryptocurrency will cost in May, and how the network and miners will react to the reduction in the cost of the block – these questions are now no less relevant than the topic of the coronavirus pandemic. The head of BitMEX, for example, does not exclude that the price of bitcoin could fall to $ 3000. His expectations run counter to Mike Novogratz’s more optimistic predictions. Meanwhile, analysts have noted the rise of shady schemes in the cryptocurrency industry. However, people have become more careful, so the scammers’ incomes are not the same.

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Bitcoin could plunge to $ 3000 again, BitMEX CEO says

Before Bitcoin can try to return to its all-time highs in 2017, it may experience lows again. In his crypto digest, BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes stated that bitcoin could “absolutely” hit $ 3,000 again before the leading cryptocurrency by market cap could soar to $ 20,000 by the end of 2020. The head of BitMEX once again emphasized that Bitcoin has value only because some of the open source code is jointly managed by many nodes, while guaranteeing a limited emission of 21 million BTC. More details

Halving Bitcoin halving cuts the number of new coins created and earned by miners in half. This happens about every four years and … More on the way: how much will bitcoin cost in May

Cryptocurrency news for today April 12

The next halving of bitcoin will occur approximately on May 12-14, as a result of which the reward for one mined block will be reduced by exactly half and will be $ 6.25. At the same time, the number of coins issued in 10 minutes in the Bitcoin blockchain will also decrease. How these events will affect the value of the main cryptocurrency and is it true that bitcoin can return to the January highs of $ 10,000, said crypto enthusiast and host of the podcast “Let’s talk about bitcoins” Andreas M. Antonopoulos. More details

One viral picture – everything you need to know about the state of the economy

A popular photo has appeared on the Internet that capaciously reflects the current state of affairs in the United States, in particular, the gap between the financial markets and the real economy. Financial markets have traditionally been considered an indicator of the state of the real economy. Accordingly, they should rise and fall in response to actual macroeconomic factors, such as, for example, financial statements on corporate profits or data on employment. More details

Coinbase CEO predicts the rise in popularity of anonymous cryptocurrencies

The Coinbase founder believes that the mainstream with anonymous cryptocurrencies is inevitable, just as the transition from HTTP to HTTPS was inevitable. The head of the American regulated cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase Brian Armstrong, in a guest column for the Project Syndicate web portal, described his vision for the future of the cryptocurrency industry. Armstrong began by saying that there is still no emphasis on confidentiality of private financial information in everyday life. More details

Crypto scammers’ income drops 30% despite the rise of shadow schemes

Despite the rise in the number of fraudulent schemes, the income from them fell by 30% along with the entire cryptocurrency market. Ponzi schemes and other fraudulent investment schemes have earned far more than all other types of cryptocurrency scams. In 2019, these shady schemes received 95% of all funds stolen from the cryptocurrency industry, according to a study from Chainalysis. However, since the end of the week ending March 8, average weekly income from investment scams has declined 33%, from $ 4.2 million to just under $ 2.9 million.

Cryptocurrency news for today April 12


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