Cryptocurrency news for today April 27 – BeInCrypto

Cryptocurrency news for today April 27 – BeInCrypto

Are Cryptocurrencies Such As Bitcoin and Ethereum The Future? (Roger Ver)

Cryptocurrency news for today April 27 – BeInCrypto

  • Swiss crypto industry on the brink of bankruptcy

  • The topic of correlation between bitcoin and gold remains relevant

  • Rumors of North Korean leader’s death stir up community

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The Swiss cryptocurrency industry has been hit by the coronavirus crisis and has turned to the government for financial assistance. Strange things are happening in North Korea: Kim Jong-un seems to have died, but it’s not certain. It is also unclear how this will affect the dynamics of Bitcoin, which prepares for halving and continues to slowly but surely strengthen its position. The number of active bitcoin wallets has returned to last year’s highs, and the issue of stablecoins continues to cause controversy in the community.

Cryptocurrency news for today April 27 - BeInCrypto

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Cryptocurrency news for today April 27 - BeInCrypto

Charles Hoskinson wants to be proud of Cardano, not Ethereum

Based on recent tweets from Hoskinson, he’s not particularly interested in getting his name associated with the broadcast. Recently, he has been trying to distance himself from him. Hoskinson has noted several times that he has devoted more time to Cardano than any other project in his life, and he wants the community to identify him with this platform. He asked the cryptocurrency media not to name him the founder of Ethereum. More details

The emission of stablecoins does not affect the prices of cryptocurrencies – research

How strongly the release of stablecoins could affect the growth of the price activity of bitcoin, as well as other cryptocurrencies in 2017, and did it affect it at all? Richard Lyons, Director of Innovation at the University of California, in collaboration with Ganesh Vishwanath-Natrai, Associate Professor of Finance at the University of Warwick School of Business, conducted a study on the impact of the supply of stablecoins on the price performance of cryptocurrency assets. More details

Number of active bitcoin wallets hits last year’s high

Despite the continued panic in the market caused by the spread of the coronavirus epidemic, the number of active Bitcoin users continues to increase. For example, in April this figure exceeded 260 thousand wallets, the accounts of which contain cryptocurrencies less than $ 8,000. According to the research, the number of active wallets approached the July 2019 mark, when the cryptocurrency boom was taking place in the market and investors were actively investing in cryptocurrencies. For example, in July last year, the number of active bitcoin wallets reached 280 thousand. At the same time, there was a cryptocurrency in the storages in the amount of over $ 10,000.

Swiss “Crypto Valley” appealed for financial assistance to the authorities

The financial crisis has reached Switzerland, where half of the leading cryptocurrency companies are under the threat of bankruptcy. A representative of the Swiss “crypto valley” near Zurich is in talks with the federal government to create a fund worth $ 102.7 million, Bloomberg reports, citing the Swiss newspaper SonntagsZeitung. Heinz Taennler, finance director of the Swiss city of Zug, says the fund will consist of private investment, local government contributions and federal guarantees. More details

Bitcoin halving Halving, or dividing the reward for mining a block, traditionally attracts the attention of the crypto community. An event can set the vector of movement of the course of a digital asset and … More cannot be compared in popularity with gold

A few weeks ago, searches on the Google search network related to Bitcoin halving were among the top three. The users were interested in what will happen to the price of BTC after dividing it in two, how the approaches to mining and calculating payments will change, on what date and on which block halving will take place. Bitcoin halving reduces the number of new coins created and earned by miners by half. It happens about every four years and … More and more. However, as the event itself approached, the number of questions began to decrease somewhat. In turn, requests related to gold have bypassed halving in popularity. More details


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