Cryptocurrency news for today April 3

Cryptocurrency news for today April 3


Cryptocurrency news for today April 3

  • Bitcoin is trying to develop an upward movement, analysts argue about what will happen next

  • OKEx CEO sees potential in Bitcoin and Libra

  • May halving will add uncertainty to the market

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Bitcoin briefly bounced past the $ 7,000 mark and even approached the next key resistance in the $ 7,300 area. In this regard, now everyone is interested in the question of whether this breakout was a harbinger of a larger upward movement, or that everything will end there. Analysts remind that halving is coming in May Bitcoin halving is cutting the number of new coins created and earned by miners by half. This happens approximately every four years and … More, and how the course of the first cryptocurrency will behave is also not entirely clear. The head of cryptocurrency exchange OKEx believes that Bitcoin and LibraIn June 2019, Facebook announced preparations for the release of the digital currency Libra. The social network project immediately attracted attention … More can become a supranational currency, and Robert Kiyosaki urges to buy cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency news for today April 3

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Bitcoin will refresh record highs not before halving, but by September

Cryptocurrency news for today April 3

According to the co-founder and partner of Morgan Creek Partner, the bitcoin rate will drop before the halving, but by autumn it will rush to new historical highs. The cryptocurrency industry, like the traditional financial markets, has fallen on hard times, but many bitcoin hodlers continue to believe in a bright future for the coin. However, now enthusiasts have lost their optimism, and they no longer expect the explosive growth of bitcoin before the halving that is coming in the coming weeks. More details

Bitcoin hashrate will drop 30% after halving, BitMEX says

The cryptocurrency exchange itself confirms that due to insufficient data, the report should be regarded as nothing more than speculation. Cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX has released a report in which it tried to determine the impact of the upcoming bitcoin halving, scheduled for May. Assuming a constant bitcoin price and excluding transaction fees, the cryptocurrency mining industry’s revenues should fall by about 50%. However, as it turned out, this does not necessarily apply to the network hash rate. More details

Bitcoin or Libra may become “supranational” currency – head of OKEx

Jay Hao said that the global monetary system has been undermined and needs restructuring. The director of cryptocurrency exchange OKEx believes that the main hopes for a more balanced system lie with a “supra-government” currency such as Bitcoin or Libra. In a recent post on the OKEx Academy platform, Hao wrote that the global economy allows developed countries to benefit from poorer nations. The imbalance has arisen due to the fact that the system relies on one sovereign currency – the US dollar. More details

Where Bitcoin may end up by the end of this year

On March 13, Bitcoin hit a low of $ 3,850, breaking through many supports. However, the price immediately began to recover and ended the month above the $ 6,000 mark. This leaves the door open for further growth. However, this may take some time. Cryptocurrency trader and analyst dave the wave (@davthewave) believes that bitcoin (BTC) can consolidate throughout the year within the triangle pattern and then make an aggressive bullish breakout into the five-digit levels. More details

Robert Kiyosaki believed in bitcoin and recommends buying it

Renowned American investor and author of the bestselling books Rich Dad Poor Dad and Cash Flow Quadrant Robert Kiyosaki backed cryptocurrencies and called bitcoin a “currency for the people.” Such a post appeared on Kiyosaki’s personal Twitter page. In particular, he calls for saving money in the face of the global financial crisis caused by the coronavirus epidemic. And, according to the investor, savings should be kept not in fiat currency, but in bitcoins. More details


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