Cryptocurrency news for today April 8

Cryptocurrency news for today April 8

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Cryptocurrency news for today April 8

  • Downsizing in the cryptocurrency industry began

  • Analysts give opposite predictions for Bitcoin

  • IN Bitcoin Cash networks big changes are coming

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A wave of downsizing has begun in the cryptocurrency industry, confirming the theory that the industry is as vulnerable to the crisis as other segments of the economy. The March collapse of prices led to a reshuffle in the leaderboard among exchanges that trade bitcoin futures, and analysts continue to give conflicting forecasts on the dynamics of the first cryptocurrency: from a complete collapse to a rise to six-digit numbers.

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March collapse changed the balance of power in the bitcoin futures market

While traders generally preferred BitMex for trading BTC futures, this has changed dramatically over the past month. March saw record fluctuations in both cryptocurrency and major financial markets. Naturally, this had a big impact on trading volume, with some exchanges benefiting more from it than others. More details

Mining farm fires employees due to coronavirus

Cryptocurrency news for today April 8

Bitfarms, a blockchain company that operates one of the largest mining farms in North America, is forced to lay off its staff. The economic and social crisis triggered by the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic has put the company in a difficult position, the official statement said. More details fires 50% of workers ahead of halving

The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) crypto community has found itself in a difficult position given the fact that Bitcoin halving halving is cutting the number of new coins miners create and earn by half. This happens approximately every four years and … More cryptocurrencies will happen in the next few hours. There are only a few hours left before the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) halving, and against the background of uncertainty about the outcome of such an event, more and more conflicting news appears. The first to report the find was a Twitter user with the nickname WhalePanda. Citing analytics service Candor, which monitors companies’ functionality amid the coronavirus infection, user WhalePanda discovered that cryptocurrency news site is planning to lay off half of its staff. More details

Cryptocurrency news for today April 8

Bitcoin for $ 1 Million: Former Facebook Top Manager In June 2019, Facebook announced preparations for the release of the Libra digital currency. The social network project immediately attracted attention … More substantiated the forecast

Dollar billionaire, Social Capital CEO and former Facebook CEO Chamat Palihapitiya is confident that Bitcoin may indeed reach $ 1 million in the future, he said in a recent discussion with Morgan Creek CEO Anthony Pompliano. According to Palihapitiya, the international financial crisis only plays into the hands of cryptocurrencies, which are constantly strengthening in value during this period. Despite the fact that the market for bitcoin and other digital currencies remains quite volatile, the BTC has every chance of securing the status of a reserve currency. More details

Bitcoin has almost hit the ceiling, according to this indicator

In April, bitcoin was actively strengthening, adding almost 20% in price. However, the price is now approaching an important resistance level, which has previously managed to reverse the trend. As a rule, when trying to predict further price dynamics, traders most often use trading instruments such as moving averages and the RSI index. However, Bollinger Bands are not far behind them in popularity. Cryptocurrency trader and technical analyst Cryptotoad (@ Mesawine1) recently shared a Bitcoin chart on Twitter, which he analyzed using Bollinger Bands. More details

Cryptocurrency news for today April 8


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