Cryptocurrency news for today August 4th

Cryptocurrency news for today August 4th

Cryptocurrently Cryptocurrency News August 4th

Cryptocurrency news for today August 4th

  • Chainlink cryptocurrency is in the spotlight again

  • Russian authorities suddenly decided to ban e-wallets

  • VeChain token finds itself at a crossroads after growing 1,500%

Cryptocurrency news for today August 4th

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There is confusion and vacillation in the cryptocurrency market again. While Bitcoin is developing a new range above $ 11,000, some altcoins are showing the wonders of acrobatics. Chainlink for example, updated historical maximum, despite the attacks of unknown persons, allegedly from the Zeus Capital bank. VeChain froze at a crossroads after a 1,500% rally, while XRP unexpectedly slipped below $ 0.3000. Russia has banned e-wallets, hitting Yandex and PayPal hard. It is possible that bitcoin will also get.

Law “On digital assets” will not help attract investment – opinion

Russian business believes that the law on CFA will allow legalizing projects of the digital asset market, but it will not play on attracting foreign investment. The adopted law “On digital financial assets“Will not play a special role in small and medium-sized businesses, reports Finmarket with reference to a survey of experts by Interfax. According to the majority of the interviewed experts, the adopted law, although it signals the formalization of industry regulation, requires more clarification. More details

Cryptocurrency news for today August 4th

Shell firm Zeus Capital accuses Chainlink of fraudulent scheme

The Chainlink project, well-known in the cryptocurrency industry, is accused of fraud, however, it seems that critics want to dump the asset in this way. Asset management firm Zeus Capital LLP has accused the Chainlink (LINK) cryptocurrency project of multi-level market manipulation. The firm wrote about this on its Twitter page. More details

Cryptocurrency news for today August 4th

The Ambiguous Token As the use of cryptocurrencies increases, new types of tokens are emerging. They can represent value or something intangible like voices. Two … More YFI spawned many questionable clones

The overwhelming rally in DeFi token yEARN finance (YFI) set a bad example for crypto market participants and spawned many clones trying to emulate its success. In mid-July, yEarn Finance introduced DeFi to the marketplaceDecentralized Finance (DeFi) – this is financial services, technology-based blockchain that offer users access to open, efficient and … More new YFI token. In a matter of days, the YFI rate soared from $ 35 to the $ 4500 region. The success of the token immediately spawned a host of copycats like YFFI, YFII, and Asuka. However, all of them eventually lost 100% of their value and generated fears in the market regarding a possible exit scam. More details

ChainLink price has renewed its all-time high again

Recently, the Chainlink coin has been in the spotlight of the crypto market. So, LINK recently entered the top ten cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization, and also became the leader in the DeFi asset market according to CoinMarketCap. The currency has been following a long-term uptrend since January 2019. First, the bulls had to work above the $ 4.0 level, from which the price bounced twice – in June 2019 and February 2020. However, in July this barrier was successfully overcome, and the pair accelerated its growth rate, having risen in price by 107% in just 28 days. More details

VeChain cryptocurrency at a crossroads after a rise of 1500%

VET has been growing since March, when quotes touched a low of $ 0.0013. At the same time, the rally proceeded quite rapidly – the rise from the aforementioned minimum to the maximum of $ 0.0220 recorded in July amounted to 1500%. In fact, the rally started to stall about a month ago. The price failed to close above the $ 0.0185 level, forming a long upper wick and then declining. Moreover, the altcoin has not shown a daily close above this resistance since August last year. More details


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