Cryptocurrency news for today May 10

Cryptocurrency news for today May 10


Cryptocurrency News for Today May 10

  • Bitcoin surprises traders again this weekend

  • Exchanges fear the consequences of halving

  • Altcoins obediently follow bitcoin

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The advice that it is dangerous to trade before halving came in handy, because the first cryptocurrency fell below $ 9000 amid a sharp increase in volatility. Reducing block rewards may affect the operation of cryptocurrency exchanges. Moreover, given the high market correlation, altcoins will also not be left out..

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Cryptocurrency news for today May 10

Halving Bitcoin halving cuts the number of new coins created and earned by miners in half. This happens about every four years and … More can affect how BitMEX works. Other exchanges are silent

The upcoming reduction in bitcoin may affect the performance of cryptocurrency exchanges, although not all trading platforms have warned about this. The third halving of bitcoin, scheduled for May 12, may affect the performance of the BitMEX cryptocurrency exchange. The exchange announced this on its website. According to the published announcement, the upcoming halving may change the efficiency of transactions, as well as affect commission costs. More details

Bitcoin crashes 15% in seven minutes, whales are to blame, as always

Bitcoin lost 15% in a matter of minutes and tested the $ 8100 mark in the early morning of May 10. Experts warn that this is just the beginning. Cruel and fundamentally unjustified volatility has returned to the cryptocurrency market. When Saturday evening was approaching in the Western Hemisphere, and Asia was preparing to start a new day, the first cryptocurrency went into a steep peak, collapsing from $ 9,550 to $ 8,100 in seven minutes. Thus, the coin lost more than 15% of its value at the moment. As of this writing, BTC / USD has recovered to $ 8,600, but the market remains highly nervous and bearish. More details

Teenage hacker robbed a businessman for $ 24 million

15-year-old Ellis Pinksy, who was a member of the evil geniuses hacker group, stole $ 24 million worth of cryptocurrencies. Michael Turpin, CEO of the Transch Group consulting company in Blockchain, became the victim of a young hacker. The scammer hacked into his phone and withdrew a huge amount of money. Despite the fact that the young hacker handled Turpin’s phone so cleverly, the police still managed to establish the identity of the culprit. It turned out to be 15-year-old New Yorker Ellis Pinksy, who was a member of a hacker group for several years and hacked into wallets and computers of large businessmen. More details

You can always buy bitcoin, but you shouldn’t trade before halving

The approach of halving plays into the hands of bitcoin. The coin has already risen above $ 9500, which cannot but attract the attention of both professional traders and beginners. However, experts believe that you should not start trading before halving. And that’s why. Since the last March sale, which went down in the history of cryptocurrencies as “Bloody Thursday”, the price of bitcoin has risen almost 3 times. Such rapid growth attracts novice traders and motivates them to invest in cryptocurrencies. However, experts warn: investing in military-technical cooperation is now very risky. More details

Bitcoin knocked altcoins out of multi-week channels

Recently, Bitcoin and its struggle with the $ 10,000 level has been in the spotlight. Most altcoins are lagging behind, although some are starting to spread their wings too. This prompted a number of analysts to talk about a possible rally in altcoins. Compared to last weekend, the cryptocurrency market grew by 8% – its capitalization increased by about $ 20 billion. As a result, the total market capitalization indicator rose to the maximum value since the end of February, $ 270 billion. More

Cryptocurrency News for Today May 10


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