Digital economy will kill the state – internet ombudsman

Digital economy will kill the state – internet ombudsman

How the UK is building a digital totalitarian state


Digital economy will kill the state – internet ombudsman

  • The authorities will not rush to digitalize the economy due to the threat of ruble dominance

  • Russia will be forced to switch to a new economic model, taking into account new realities

  • Current regulation of the cryptocurrency market has almost no effect on its legalization

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The authorities are in no hurry to digitize the economy due to the possible loss of direct control over people, as well as financial institutions

The dominance of the ruble in the domestic market is a cornerstone when discussing the issue of digitizing the economy. This opinion was expressed by the Internet Ombudsman of Russia Dmitry Marinichev in an interview with

The main reason why the digital economy is forming so slowly lies in the economic model of Russia, where the state is used to managing both civil society and economic entities, Marinichev notes. With the advent of digitalization, the authorities will have to negotiate with society and entrepreneurs because of their independence and independence..

“It will not be possible to influence people and institutions in the digital economy in a directive manner. Apparently, the authorities realized this and suspended the digitalization process, ”said the Ombudsman.

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The digital economy will kill the state - internet ombudsman

The digital economy is capable of destroying the usual structure of a country, as well as wreaking havoc with vast opportunities. According to Marinichev, it is the digitalization of the economy that will lead to a shift in the reassessment of “what was previously perceived as happiness and good”:

“This [inability to control the digital market] will violate the whole logic of habitual existence. The digital economy will kill the state. The authorities realized this and were scared, “he stressed..

However, according to Marinichev, Russia does not abandon digitalization forever. In any case, the country will have to adjust to new realities, but only when these realities have already been tested in other countries. The Internet Ombudsman believes that even the most progressive countries will “go down the path of stuffing big shots.”.

Lack of technological breakthrough

Although the digitization of the economy will take place in phase stages, the digital society legitimizes itself in several territories at once. Legislative norms will sum up new digital relationships, Marinichev summed up.

The editorial staff of BeInCrypto already wrote that the bill approved by the State Duma “On digital financial assets“(CFA), according to Marinichev, is not introducing any technological breakthrough. The approved law just states that it has long existed and so, Marinichev said then..

Also, the law on CFA, according to a survey of experts by Interfax, will not play a special role in the development of small and medium-sized businesses, since the adopted law, although it signals the formalization of industry regulation, requires more clarifications..

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At the same time, the RF Ministry of Finance is actively sabotaging the emergence of the domestic crypto market. As the head of the department of the Financial University under the government, Konstantin Ordov, said earlier, the whole world is preparing for the introduction of digital currencies by leading central banks, “and we are discussing criminal punishment and fines for those who tomorrow should support not private cryptocurrencies, but state ones”.

Digital economy will kill the state - internet ombudsman

More details about the domestic path to digitalization of the economy can be found in our special section on the website.

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