Ethereum 2.0 Developers Offer …

Ethereum 2.0 Developers Offer …

ETHEREUM 2.0 IS HERE!!! Do this now – developer explains


Ethereum 2.0 developers propose to say goodbye to testnets

  • Validators are losing interest in Medalla’s testnet.

  • ETH 2.0 Developers Believe It Is Time To Finish Testing And Move To Real Products.

  • ETH 2.0 Beacon Chain Phase Zero May Be Launched In 6 Weeks.

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The Medalla testnet was launched by Ethereum 2.0 developers back in early August, but the activity of its participants leaves much to be desired..

The crypto community has been waiting for years to update the Ethereum network protocol and launch Ethereum 2.0. These expectations gained particular relevance against the backdrop of the DeFi boom, which revealed the problems of speed, scalability and cost of transactions in the current version of the Ethereum network..

How much can you test

The developers of Eth2 launched the Medalla testnet back on August 4, which was supposed to set the stage for the launch of the Beacon Chain, a key component of the new protocol. However, the activity of participants on the Medalla testnet is declining. Meanwhile, the project developers are eager to finally complete the testing phase and launch a real product. Maybe it will happen in about six weeks.

Ethereum 2.0 Developers Offer ...

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Ethereum 2.0 Lead Developer Ben Edgington tweeted the latest on the Beacon Chain on October 19.

He had previously reported a week earlier that the Zinken testnet was the final dress rehearsal. Recall that Zinken became the successor to another testnet, Spadina, which was launched on September 29 and was almost immediately recognized by the developers as a complete failure. Zinken testing has been more successful, but overall activity on Medalla’s larger testnet leaves much to be desired.

Edgington thinks it’s time to move on:

“I expect the deposit contracts to be launched in the coming days, with the Phase 0 Eth2 Beacon Chain launch in about six weeks.”.

Get out of lethargy

According to Etherchain, Medalla’s network is very resource intensive and consumes more memory than a “healthy network.” So, now it becomes difficult for users with 8 GB of RAM to stay online. For the mainnet, however, experts recommend having 16 GB of RAM..

Ethereum 2.0 Developers Offer ...

#Medalla has not achieved finality for the past 1500 Epochs & nodes use more memory than on a healthy network. @ prylabs uses 5.5gb & @sigp_io 3gb, Goerli 2.5gb

Users with 8gb RAM will have a hard time staying in sync. We should start recommending 16gb RAM for the Mainnet.

– Bitfly (@etherchain_org) October 19, 2020

However, Edgington, in a response comment, expressed the hope that some of the problems of the testnet, especially those associated with very low activity of participants, will remain in the past with the launch of Beacon Chain..

Ethereum 2.0 Developers Offer ...

“To be honest, I don’t expect this to happen on a network that offers real value. People will try their best to finalize it. That is why we need to abandon test networks now. “.

At the moment, according to, the Medalla enrollment rate is only 52%. Meanwhile, 66% is needed to finalize the work. Real Beacon Chain incentives, including staking, should change this situation and attract more validators..


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