FinTech specialists will remain in demand until 2025

FinTech specialists will remain in demand until 2025

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FinTech specialists will remain in demand until 2025

  • Blockchain specialists will be in demand until 2025

  • In Russia, the demand for blockchain specialists is moderately increasing

  • The introduction of blockchain technologies will affect the change in the labor market

FinTech specialists will remain in demand until 2025

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The World Economic Forum has published a global report on changes in the labor market to 2025. According to the document, about 85 million jobs will be destroyed, and more than 90 million new jobs will arise. The lion’s share of vacancies will be in FinTech and the computer encryption industry.

FinTech specialists will be in demand

According to the analytical report of the World Economic Forum, in the next 5 years the labor market will change dramatically. Global digitalization and robotization of production will destroy 85 million jobs. As experts predict, by 2025 such professions as:

  • data entry operators;
  • personal secretaries;
  • traveling salesmen;
  • employees of postal services;
  • most of the employees of factories, manufacturing companies. Robots will take their places.

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At the same time, 90 million new jobs will be created on the labor market. Almost all of them will be related to computer technology and artificial intelligence. According to forecasts of analysts of the World Economic Forum, in the next five years such professions as:

  • BigData analyst;
  • FinTech and blockchain engineers;
  • machine learning specialists;
  • technology developers using AI and virtual reality;
  • robot builders;
FinTech specialists will remain in demand until 2025

Also, according to experts, the demand for specialists in digital marketing, sales, content production, and cloud technologies will significantly increase. New professions will require specialists and new skills. For example, critical thinking and the ability to analyze data, skills of quick problem solving, self-management, the ability to work with people, a deep understanding of technology and the ability to use them will come to the fore..

Therefore, today specialists must master new technologies and learn about blockchain and cloud development in order to be competitive in the labor market in the future..

Blockchain specialists are always valuable

Rush demand for blockchain specialists remained in 2017. During the boom in the cryptocurrency market and the avalanche flow of ICOs (initial coin offerings), the word “blockchain” in the resume increased the applicant’s potential salary by about 25%, while some were ready to hire specialists in this field with a salary of up to 400 thousand.

FinTech specialists will remain in demand until 2025

but hype around DeFiDecentralized finance (DeFi) – this is financial services, built on blockchain technology, which offer users access to open, effective and … More, revived interest in these competencies. To date, the Head Hunter job search site has posted more than 50 vacancies related to the development of technologies using blockchain. Despite the fact that salary offers have descended from sky-high heights, and the total number of vacancies for these specialties has decreased since the peak values ​​of 2017, these specialists are still in demand. Moreover, the labor market in this segment has become more conscious and mature. In other words, employers have begun to better understand why they need an employee who understands blockchains and what they want from him. This can be seen from clearly formulated requirements for applicants..

In Russia, blockchain technologies are actively used not only in the financial sector, but also in other production sectors. For example, the BeInCrypto portal previously reported that blockchain technologies will be used to record the data of notaries and lawyers in Russia. In addition, blockchain can be useful not only in the notary business. It is also capable of transforming such a cumbersome, bloated and non-transparent structure for ordinary citizens, like the Pension Fund of Russia. Most recently, at the elections to the Moscow City Duma, Moscow put into practice an experimental blockchain voting platform.

In general, blockchain technology can give ordinary citizens relief from the need to receive and certify many certificates and copies, since all original documents will be stored in a single reliably protected database. It will save people time, money and nerves..


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