Hackers first robbed Lendf.me …

Hackers first robbed Lendf.me …

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Hackers first ransacked Lendf.me, and then decided to troll it

  • Hacker who stole $ 25 million from DeFi smart contract returned a small amount back.

  • He sent back $ 126,000 in PAX stablecoins with a “better future” message.

  • The joke is that the PAX stablecoin is very rarely used..

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The Lendf.me decentralized lending protocol has recently been hacked. However, the hacker returned part of the funds with a message for the project.

Hackers first robbed Lendf.me ...

The DeFi community is trying to deal with another illegal infiltration. Lendf.me, a decentralized lending protocol operated by dForce, allegedly withdrawn about $ 25 million.

Hackers first robbed Lendf.me ...

The team said it is currently “in talks” with the hacker. However, this person does not seem to be taking what is happening seriously..

Hacker trolls DeFi

There is nothing funny about stealing $ 25 million, but a recent message from a hacker amused some people. The hacker recently sent back $ 126,000 in PAX stablecoins. He also attached a message: “a better future”.

Hackers first robbed Lendf.me ...

So this #DForce hacker is a funny mf. He send back $ 126k in $ PAX to the DForce admin. His memo: "Better future" pic.twitter.com/RGZZ0jGQhG

– CR1337 (@ cryptonator1337) April 19, 2020

The joke is that the rarely used PAX has a “better future” than Lendf.me. The rest of the stolen funds have not yet been returned.

The so-called “hacker” is also not a real hacker. He simply used malware that exploited vulnerabilities in the protocol, which allowed him to withdraw money from the contract. Overall, the situation could be easily avoided.

Not a hacker. Simply poor design.

– hanging sats (@HODLHanger) April 19, 2020

DeFi criticism

Many critics argue that what happened is another example of how insecure DeFi remains. The sector, created on the basis of the Ethereum platform, was considered one of the most promising areas for the development of the cryptocurrency industry. However, in the last month, the number of assets held under smart contracts associated with DeFi Decentralized Finance (DeFi) – this is financial services, built on blockchain technology, which offer users access to an open, efficient and … More, sharply decreased.

Critics argue that DeFi apps are a tidbit for hackers who can become for them a gold mine. However, supporters of the application believe that this is still a long way off. One analyst compared DeFi to the internet in 1997.

In reality, decentralized finance has a long way to go before it attracts the followers of the classic financial industry. This sector carries a high level of risk due to frequent break-ins and thefts. Developers need to focus on security before touting DeFi as the “best alternative”.

The Lendf.me protocol failure is yet another example in a long list of hacks and vulnerabilities that are becoming more prevalent in the DeFi world. If this continues, the project’s reputation may suffer. But it is too early to say whether this sector will ever achieve the success that many hope for. The future of the ether itself may well depend on this..


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