In 2020, hackers encroached on cryptocurrencies and hotels

In 2020, hackers encroached on cryptocurrencies and hotels

How Hackers Steal Your Crypto Without You Knowing… And How to Prevent it. – George Levy


In 2020, hackers encroached on cryptocurrencies and hotels

  • Scammers attacked cryptocurrency organizations during the coronavirus epidemic

  • Russian hackers accused of state espionage

  • Fraudsters stole millions of dollars from crypto exchange users

In 2020, hackers encroached on cryptocurrencies and hotels

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During the coronavirus epidemic, hackers most often attacked hotel chains, cryptocurrency companies and exchanges, social networks

Hackers hunt for state secrets

According to Wispo’s 2020 cybersecurity analyst report, 86% of all hacker attacks in 2020 were directed against states and only 14% of attacks were against private companies. About 70% of the companies surveyed admitted that the number of hacker attacks on corporate servers was recorded at the time of transfer of employees to remote work.

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Hotel chains, cryptocurrency exchanges and companies, as well as social networks were most often attacked by hackers..

The largest attack on hotel chains was the breach of Marriott corporate servers, as a result of which the data of 339 million guests could be compromised. British privacy regulator fined Marriott hotel chain £ 18.4m.

Also in September 2020, hackers tried to hack into the Hijack instant messaging platform in order to obtain the email addresses of some cryptocurrency organizations. Hackers used 7 signaling system that connects mobile networks around the world.

It is believed that the attackers intended to obtain cryptocurrency using two-factor authentication (2FA) login codes. The attack was staged through the network operators’ short message service center (SMSC) to send a location update request to some known individuals. As a result, the attack was prevented, as the security specialists of cryptocurrency companies identified the intentions of the scammers.

Experts believe that the growth of hacker activity is quite expected, since the coronavirus epidemic forced companies to move their businesses online.

“At the beginning of the pandemic, classical financial indices showed instability (S&The P 500 fell by 30%, and the Nikkei 225 by 20%), but despite the general panic of the classic and crypto markets, Bitcoin has established itself as a great alternative for diversifying the investment portfolio. Not surprisingly, under these circumstances, the cryptocurrency sector has attracted the attention of not only those who want to invest or diversify their portfolio, but also get cryptocurrency in an easy way. I believe that this is one of the factors of the increased interest of hackers in crypto-exchanges, “Sergey Zhdanov said in an exclusive interview for BeInCrypto COO of the EXMO cryptocurrency exchange..

Russia finds itself in the center of a hacker showdown

An analytical report from Wispo mentions that some hacker groups are directly linked to Russia. Most often, Russian citizens are accused of espionage and money laundering.

In 2020, hackers encroached on cryptocurrencies and hotels

For example, the American edition of The Washigton Post accused the hacker group that hacked the mail of the US Treasury Department of cooperation with the Russian authorities. Journalists refer to unnamed sources, the reliability of which is difficult to verify.

The Guardian believes that people from Moscow and Ukraine were behind the Bitcoin advertising scam through Australian celebrities. Attackers illegally used images of Dick Smith (a major Australian businessman), Andrew Forrest (an Australian businessman) and other celebrities. According to preliminary information, tens of thousands of Australians have become victims of the bitcoin scheme.

How justified these accusations are, only the investigation can answer. Recall that recently it became known that Russian killers began to take payment for contract killings in bitcoins.

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