Justin Sun envied the hype around Dogecoin

Justin Sun envied the hype around Dogecoin

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Justin Sun envied the hype around Dogecoin

  • Dogecoin price doubles thanks to TikTok challenge to pump the coin rate.

  • The Hype around Dogecoin caught the attention of Tron founder Justin Sun.

  • Sun is widely known as a fan of social media hype around his crypto project..

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In recent days, there has been an unprecedented excitement on the crypto market around the Dogecoin currency, the cost of which has doubled in price. It sparked the creative envy of Tron founder Justin Sun.

Justin Sun envied the hype around Dogecoin

Dogecoin (DOGE) cryptocurrency has recently staged an aggressive rally, having risen in price by 100% in less than two days. It is curious that the reason for such a spectacular rise in prices was the viral challenge on TikTok, calling for the pumping of the currency rate. As it turned out, this scheme has already attracted the attention of the founder of the Tron crypto platform, Justin Sun.

“Come on together, come on together!”

Yesterday we said that the Dogecoin rate after long-term consolidation, finally, made a bullish break and has risen in price by more than 100%, although later it rolled back a little. It is noteworthy that the rally of the coin, originally conceived as a comic meme, was also triggered by a comic challenge launched on TikTok. Its initiators have openly encouraged other users to join the pumping of the DOGE course to “get rich together”.

The hashtag #DogecoinTiktokChallange has become very popular. At the time of this writing, the video with him has already received over 800 thousand views. Not only niche media managed to write about the challenge, but also such mainstream giants as Bloomberg, as well as numerous video bloggers, including, for example, Jake Paul. All this further inflated the hype around Dogecoin..

As a result, yesterday the Dogecoin project team decided to post a warning to investors on Twitter. She asked people not to succumb to manipulation and be wary of direct calls to buy any asset. She also recalled that none of these instigators is a professional financial advisor..

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Justin Sun envied the hype around Dogecoin

Justin Sun took note of TikTok

The story with Dogecoin clearly demonstrated how powerful the influence of a popular social network can be on the exchange rate. Unsurprisingly, this topic was not slow to catch the attention of the founder of the ambitious Tron project, Justin Sun..

Justin Sun envied the hype around Dogecoin

Sun himself has long been known in the crypto community as a big fan of raising hype in social networks and making vague “announcements of announcements” on a grand scale. According to many, the sole purpose of such hype remains Sana’s attempt to increase interest in the TRX cryptocurrency and inflate its price..

Sun has long been actively using his personal profile and many traditional social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, Weibo and Youtube for this purpose. However, he said on Twitter yesterday that his project will henceforth focus on building content on TikTok, and has promised that TRON videos will go viral..

“What is permitted to Jupiter is not permitted to a bull”

Perhaps turning to TikTok will really help the TRX project increase its mainstream popularity. However, one should not forget that Dogecoin initially established itself as a “frivolous” asset. Therefore, strange campaigns that he gets away with may not be effective for more serious projects..

In addition, the effects of such campaigns on social media can only be one-time. Finally, keep in mind that Dogecoin is among the 18 cryptocurrencies featured on Robinhood, the only platform that TikTok users have easy access to..


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