MetaMask enhances security …

MetaMask enhances security …

MetaMask Tips and Tricks you MUST know (HD repost)


MetaMask enhances safety and optimizes gas cost

  • MetaMask optimizes gas use and increases safety

  • Developers released a new desktop app for Microsoft Edge

  • Fake and phishing sites advertised on Google

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Cryptocurrency walletThe popularity of cryptocurrencies around the world continues to grow, so the topic of safe storage of their digital assets is becoming increasingly important. BeInCrypto revision … More and MetaMask browser extension strengthen security measures due to constant attacks and hacks in this industry

MetaMask enhances security ...

In the latest monthly report, MetaMask detailed work to improve the user platform and improve security. The changes will affect developers of decentralized applications (dApp), but they will not affect users.

The project team is developing the LavaMoat toolkit for creating security-enhanced dApps as Secure EcmaScript Containers (SES). In addition, SES is used in all MetaMask extensions since 8.0.6.

“This improves the reliability of the code and significantly reduces the ways in which malicious tools can compromise the user’s wallet. In short, your wallet is safer than ever! “

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– MetaMask (@metamask_io) December 14, 2020

In addition to extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Brave desktop browsers, MetaMask also launched an extension for Windows Edge users..

Gas optimization

The report also says that in addition to increasing the speed of transactions, the method of calculating transaction fees has also changed in order to stabilize the gas prices displayed in the confirmation window..

“To this end, we launched an extended API for gas valuation – first as part of the swap function, and then for all MetaMask transactions.”.

The API includes several gas estimation services to ensure optimal calculation.

MetaMask enhances security ...

According to, the average transaction cost on the Ethereum network is currently higher than during most of November at $ 2.45. $ 5 high was recorded on November 26 when there was increased activity on various DeFi protocols Decentralized Finance (DeFi) – this is financial services, built on blockchain technology, which offer users access to an open, efficient and … More.

In early October, BeInCrypto reported that MetaMask had launched token swaps to save gas.

Phishing and fakes

Major search engines and social media are doing little to discourage scammers from using ad platforms, which means that end users need to be vigilant.

The report posted a screenshot of a Google search page showing a malicious website at the top of search results as paid ads. The site uses a fake domain name, but created an ad and paid Google to place it at the top, mimicking a real site. On platforms such as Facebook In June 2019, Facebook announced preparations for the release of the Libra digital currency. The social networking project immediately attracted attention … More, there are many fake ads and fraudulent schemes, and the company still profits from them.

Fake DeFi protocol apps like Uniswap have also been found on Google Play, and it is likely that there are fake MetaMask apps on the Internet as well. Be vigilant and always download information from the original site.


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