Mysterious TRON wallet replenished with another 600 million TRX

Mysterious TRON wallet replenished with another 600 million TRX

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Mysterious TRON wallet replenished with another 600 million TRX

  • Second Largest TRX Wallet Added Another 600 Million TRX.

  • The identity of the owner of this address remains secret..

  • Some believe that Justin Sun himself may be involved..

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The second largest crypto wallet TRON increased by another 600 million TRX. This mysterious address now holds over $ 2.5 billion TRX.

The identity of the owner of the second largest wallet on the TRON blockchain remains a mystery. However, this does not prevent him from continuing to increase the size of assets on his balance sheet. Many began to wonder if this wallet could be somehow related to the founder of the crypto platform, Justin Sun..

Mysterious address

The mysterious address currently holds about 2.5 billion TRX tokens, which is equivalent to approximately $ 28 million.According to its own TRON blockchain observer, all of these coins are frozen.

The Whale Alert analytical service (@whale_alert), which monitors cryptocurrency wallets, announced today about the replenishment of this wallet in the amount of another 600 million TRX (about $ 6.6 million)..

600,000,000 #TRX (6,638,732 USD) transferred from unknown wallet to unknown wallet


– Whale Alert (@whale_alert) March 30, 2020

Attempts by members of the crypto community to track this address have not yet yielded any results, and its owner remains unknown. However, this does not prevent some from assuming that behind the second largest wallet TRX may be – either directly or indirectly – such an ambiguous and rather scandalous figure like Justin Sun.

As a reminder, in February, the “super-representatives” of the TRON project voted to increase the size of the reward for mined blocks and completely canceled the upper limit for fundraising (hard cap). There are currently no long-term restrictions on the maximum volume of TRX tokens that can circulate in the crypto space..

Thus, the TRON management decided to profit from all other holders of the project’s tokens, devaluing their assets. Sun was quick to distance himself from this decision, but this still did not save him from criticism from members of the crypto community..

So Tron super representatives just voted among themselves to give themselves bigger rewards. So decentralized.https: //

Mysterious TRON wallet replenished with another 600 million TRX

– Tim Copeland (@Timccopeland) February 5, 2020

Dark story

TRON founder Justin Sun has long gained a reputation for being sensationalist and loudmouth. He is also often criticized for attempts to publicize his TRX coin on any news feeds, including the coronavirus pandemic..

Fighting #coronavirus! #TRON is on the way! Wuhan, we are with you! Stay strong! @Tronfoundation

– Justin Sun (@justinsuntron) January 28, 2020

Meanwhile, in a sensational video that got on the network, Sun himself called TRX “shitcoin”, having amazed the holders of this currency a lot. In addition, a number of experts also noted recently that TRON only proclaimed itself a “killer of the ether”, but so far does not present any real competition to it..

My exclusive interview with @justinsuntron is now available.

Mysterious TRON wallet replenished with another 600 million TRX

Hot tip for a Pulitzer.

– Peter McCormack (@PeterMcCormack) February 9, 2020

Most likely, we will never know the identity of the owner of the mysterious weighty TRON wallet, but the BeInCrypto editors will try to keep their finger on the pulse and keep an eye on this address in order to track possible movements of assets from this wallet to the crypto exchange.


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