Scammers have learned to counterfeit MetaMask wallet

Scammers have learned to counterfeit MetaMask wallet

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Scammers have learned to counterfeit MetaMask wallet

  • The fake copy has already been able to cover at least one cryptocurrency project

  • The number of potential victims of the phishing clone remains unknown

  • CipherTrace has already contacted the MetaMask developers for help blocking the clone

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Cyber ​​attackers were able to develop an exact copy of the famous browser extension for storing cryptocurrency assets

Scammers have learned to counterfeit MetaMask wallet

Analyst firm CipherTrace has identified a fraudulent copy of a well-known browser extension for storing cryptocurrencies called MetaMask. The company announced this on its official website..

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Scammers have learned to counterfeit MetaMask wallet

According to the ad, the fake copy mimics not only the extension itself, but also the website of the original wallet (fake copy:

At the time of writing, the fake website is starting to give error 522.

Over the past couple of days, the company has seen a surge in warnings and comments in the cryptocurrency community about stealing user funds using a phishing attack on a Chrome browser extension, CipherTrace reports..

It was noted that the reason for the loss of assets was a fraudulent copy of MetaMask at How many victims fell on the copy of the extension and what is the approximate amount of damage remains unknown.

According to preliminary information, at least one cryptocurrency project encouraged users to send funds through a copy of MetaMask. CipherTrace has already contacted the MetaMask developers asking for help in blocking the fraudulent clone.

A stranger among his own

Counterfeiting of popular crypto-focused products is not uncommon in the digital asset industry. BeInCrypto’s editors have repeatedly covered fraudulent schemesCryptocurrencies are a new financial instrument that opens up their own prospects for each market participant. Some consider digital assets as a source … More around the well-known protocol for exchanging cryptocurrencies Uniswap.

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For example, a fake Uniswap clone was spotted on Google Play, which allegedly requested a mnemonic phrase from the user’s wallet to exchange cryptocurrencies. In August, the search engine itself fell for a trick of scammers advertising fake copies of Uniswap through Google Ad.

Meanwhile, Kaspersky Lab believes that the potential economic consequences of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic could be reflected in the growth of cryptocurrency fraud. Also, Kaspersky Lab expects that attackers will demand from victims not bitcoin, as it was before, but coins focused on privacy..

Scammers have learned to counterfeit MetaMask wallet

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