The head of MicroStrategy told …

The head of MicroStrategy told …

The head of MicroStrategy told how much bitcoins he owns


The head of MicroStrategy told how many bitcoins he personally has

  • MicroStrategy CEO Michael Sailor said he personally owns more than 17,730 BTC.

  • He invested in bitcoins before his company.

  • Bitcoin may be even more scarce than most people think.

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MicroStrategy CEO Michael Sailor announced the size of his personal investment in bitcoin (BTC) for everyone.

Personal and public

In a posted commentary on Twitter, Sailor revealed information regarding the amount of bitcoins he personally owns, not the company he runs. According to Sailor, he is a hodler over 17,730 BTC. Buying each of the coins cost him an average of $ 9,882.

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Some have asked how much #BTC I own. I personally #hodl 17,732 BTC which I bought at $ 9,882 each on average. I informed MicroStrategy of these holdings before the company decided to buy #bitcoin for itself.

– Michael Saylor (@michael_saylor) October 28, 2020

As Sailor explained, he decided to make this information public in order to satisfy the curiosity of some in the crypto community. They started asking this question after MicroStrategy invested about $ 425 million in bitcoin.The average cost of each bitcoin for the company was $ 11,111.

Sailor also noted that he was the first to decide to invest in cryptocurrency. He subsequently notified the company that he owned the investment in BTC before MicroStrategy made a similar decision to buy bitcoins..

With Bitcoin’s current rally above the $ 13,000 mark, Sailor’s personal investment has grown in value by more than one third so far..

Shopping rush

As commented by the expert of analytical company Messari Jack Purdy, now together Sailor and MicroStrategy own 0.2% of all Bitcoin reserves. He also predicted that a real fever awaits us as soon as other big companies and billionaires join the buying of bitcoin..

Crazy to think about … @michael_saylor and @MicroStrategy own 0.2% of all #bitcoin

That’s just one small-cap company and one rich dude

It’s going to be a mad rush once larger co’s and billionaires follow suit

– Jack Purdy (@ jpurd17) October 28, 2020

The head of MicroStrategy told ...

Perhaps this trend has already begun to form. So, recently the Square company, owned by the famous entrepreneur Jack Dorsey, announced the purchase of bitcoins for $ 50 million.

Another bitcoin bull is billionaire and venture capitalist Chamat Palihapitiya, who heads Social Capital. Recently, commenting on the big news about the decision of the payment giant PayPal to add support for cryptocurrency transactions, he announced that now the leadership of every major bank will gather for a meeting dedicated to Bitcoin. In his opinion, investing in bitcoin is now becoming a must.

The head of MicroStrategy told ...

After PayPal’a news, every major bank is having a meeting about how to support bitcoin. It’s no longer optional …

– Chamath Palihapitiya (@chamath) October 21, 2020

Meanwhile, as bitcoin enthusiasts warn, new investors should hurry up, since the final supply of bitcoins may not even be 21 million coins. Rather, the real number will be closer to 17 million coins. At least, this is the opinion of Willie Wu, a popular analyst in the crypto community..

Total supply of Bitcoin will not be 21m, it’ll be around 17m as many coins died in the fight for being acknowledged as something valuable in the early days.

This means 0.002 BTC per person on the planet.

– Willy Woo (@woonomic) October 28, 2020

He explains this by the fact that many bitcoins could get out of the way in the early stages of the struggle for existence, when they were not yet considered a valuable asset. Most likely, Wu means private keys that were irretrievably lost by the first owners of bitcoins. If his assumptions are correct, it really makes Bitcoin an even more scarce asset..


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