Top 4 sites for freelancers where they pay in crypto

Top 4 sites for freelancers where they pay in crypto

Top 7 – Cryptocurrency Freelancing sites To Make Passive Income and Get paid from Home

Top 4 sites for freelancers where they pay in crypto

  • A selection of resources where they pay with bitcoins and ETH

  • How to get a job at a prestigious blockchain company

  • Write, read, program and receive cryptocurrency

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Bitcoin and other crypto coins have already become a means of payment. For example, in Venezuela or China, getting paid with cryptocurrency is a common thing. Therefore, if you have long wanted to buy cyber coins, but everyone could not find funds, now you can earn them. BeInCrypto has collected for you the top 4 remote work and freelance sites where employers pay with bitcoins, ether and other tokens.


Multilingual analogue of Yandex.Zen or Medium. The main task of the participant is to write interesting and high-quality content, for reading which the author receives Bitcoin Cash. To join the project, you just need to register on the site, indicating your contact details and nickname. Next, the site administrators create a special bitcoin wallet for you, to which crypto coins will come. If members like your content, they vote for the article by sending a certain amount of BCH.

You can publish on the site author’s longreads, research or entertaining notes. The subject of the resource is not limited by anything. Here you can post both stories from your own life and deep research in the field of blockchain. The main thing is to write with high quality, interesting and accessible.

Pros: Opportunity to show your creative talents and receive an award.

Top 4 sites for freelancers where they pay in crypto

Cons: the site is mainly designed for an English-speaking audience. Although the resource menu provides for the publication of texts in Russian, there is not a single Russian-language article yet. Therefore, you will have to write in English.

Freelance for Coins

A resource for finding orders for freelancers from all over the world. Payment for completed orders is made in BTC or ETH. At the moment, the site contains more than 800 proposals for specialists from different fields. Among the most popular tasks are translation of texts, writing advertising and other materials, design and programming..

The collaboration takes place as follows. A freelancer or customer must register on the site and link their bitcoin or ethereum wallet to the project. Then you can post a task or respond to an offer from a customer. Communication takes place through the built-in chat, and payment is made in two ways: directly from the customer to the freelancer (in this case, the site is not responsible for the decency of both parties), or through the intermediary resource The site itself does not charge a fee for placing orders, however, administrators warn that this will not always be the case, and soon the use of the resource will become paid.

Top 4 sites for freelancers where they pay in crypto

Pros: a great option to get BTC, ETH or Monero for your work.

Cons: there may be scammers, the site does not take into account the difference in rates at the time of publication of the task and payment.


From the name of the site, it is clear that this is a resource for freelancers associated with the Ethereum blockchain, and payment for completed tasks is made in ETH tokens. To join the project, you need to register on the platform and link your MetaMask wallet. The resource does not work with other wallets.

Next, you need to fill out an application for a freelancer, where you indicate which types of work you are ready to perform, provide a portfolio, reviews, etc. For customers, it is necessary to fill out the appropriate profile, indicate the name of the company, the specifics of the activity and other information. After moderation, the profiles of the participants will be activated, and the task will be posted on the platform. Communication between the customer and the contractor is carried out via chat, and orders are paid through MetaMask wallets.

Pros: many orders, decent payouts.

Cons: both the customer and the contractor pay for “gas” Ethereum. As the developers themselves explain, these are funds that are used to pay for electricity for the operation of the blockchain..

Top 4 sites for freelancers where they pay in crypto

Cryptocurrency Jobs

A resource for finding remote employees and freelancers who are recognized experts. The platform hosts job applications from the world’s leading crypto companies such as Chainalysis, LocalBitcoin, Binance, Kraken, BitMEX and others. The payment for the work performed here is definitely higher, but the requirements are also stricter. Most often they are looking for blockchain application developers, marketers, BigData engineers and other specialists. Salaries start from 10 thousand euros.

Pros: the opportunity to find a high-paying job in a prestigious IT company.

Cons: not yet discovered.


If you want to supplement the list with other sites for freelancers, write in the comments.


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