Top 5 best blockchain platforms for charity

Top 5 best blockchain platforms for charity

Top 10 Blockchain Platforms to Explore in 2020


Top 5 best blockchain platforms for charity

  • Charitable organizations actively accept cryptocurrency donations

  • Cryptocurrencies can save you from hunger and disease

  • Russia develops the direction of crypto charity

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Some cryptocurrency investors are looking to donate some of their money to charities. The BeInCrypto editors figured out where it can be done and which platforms offer favorable conditions.

Top 5 best blockchain platforms for charity

Cryptocurrency donations have become the norm

In 2020, several large cryptocurrency exchanges at once provided financial assistance to charitable foundations and organizations that are fighting various social and medical problems of society..

The donations were directed in cryptocurrencies, refuting the notion that digital coins are used primarily for illegal purposes. Earlier, the BeInCrypto portal already talked about how cryptocurrency exchanges helped hospitals, shelters and schools. In this article, we will look at the main charity platforms where you can attract donations from users in cryptocurrency.

Top 5 best blockchain platforms for charity

Fundraising platform KickICO

The KickICO cryptocurrency fundraising platform is a key component of the Kick Ecosystem, a one-stop ecosystem for crypto enthusiasts. The platform’s functionality allows startups to place their tokens to attract investors, as well as attract sponsors who are ready to support charitable projects.

Charitable foundations and organizations post their fundraising offers here, and investors and the community support them with cryptocurrency and fiat payments, including US dollars, euros, rubles and pounds sterling.


The PLANET of CHARITY charitable platform from the VEROS startup specializes in helping the divisions of non-profit organizations (GreenPeace, UNICEF, Wildlife Fund, Red Cross, and others) that have difficulties in raising funds in their own countries. The platform promotes a complete rejection of the commercialization of philanthropy and provides direct links to organizations donation pages.

Charitable platform has integrated an NGO fundraiser into digital financial assets, which is an important step towards the digitalization of the economy. Users can donate money to a specific charity project in bitcoin, ETH, as well as stablecoins and fiat currencies.

The largest crypto exchange Binance has created its own charity foundation and platform for collecting donations in cryptocurrency. The project was named Binance.Charity. Users can donate any amount in cryptocurrency, and Binance will double it and use it to solve socially significant problems. Binance.Charity raised over $ 6 million in 2020 to fight coronavirus and more than $ 2 million to fight the aftermath of Australia’s wildfires.

Binance.Charity provides special support to African countries. The fund raised funds for the purchase of sewing machines for mothers of Kenya, the purchase of healthy food for the children of this continent, and helped finance the restoration of the burnt-out Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Binance.Charity implements both its own projects and helps in financing projects of other charitable organizations.


Charity initiative from Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange organizer Brian Armstrong. The purpose of the site is simple: to collect and transfer money to people who live below the poverty line and are constantly hungry. In most cases, charitable aid goes to African families who regularly lack funds to buy groceries..

Top 5 best blockchain platforms for charity

The site works directly with beneficiaries and does not sponsor programs of other charitable organizations. According to the founders of the project, direct targeted assistance is always more effective than charitable projects. Therefore, the GiveCrypto fund distributes all the funds received from donors among the recipients of assistance, on average, $ 10 per recipient for 6 months. Today, the site accepts donations in BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, XRP and ZEC.

Pineapple Found

Pineapple Found specializes in philanthropy involving cryptocurrency. The organization has raised and donated over $ 55 million in bitcoin to charity. More than 60 charities received funding from the Pineapple Found to implement a variety of social programs, from psychedelic research to protecting wild elephants and lions of Africa from poachers.

Anyone can support Pineapple Found projects. Donations are accepted in bitcoin. At the moment, the fund does not accept applications from other charitable organizations, as more than 10 thousand applications are under consideration.

European Commission invested € 1 million in blockchain startup for charity from Oxfam Ireland.


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