Top 5 exchange tokens worth paying attention to

Top 5 exchange tokens worth paying attention to

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Top 5 exchange tokens worth looking out for

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Almost every cryptocurrency exchange issues its own tokens. Some of them are already traded on various platforms and can be used as a payment or investment instrument. Others are in circulation within the exchange and are used primarily to pay for internal services. BeInCrypto figured out which tokens to pay attention to traders and investors.

BNB Token

Token As the use of cryptocurrencies grows, new types of tokens are emerging. They can represent value or something intangible like voices. Two … More of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange, which today is actively traded not only on this site, but also on many other exchanges. The value of the token is $ 23.27, and the market capitalization exceeds $ 3.3 billion.The token was launched back in 2017 and was an ERC-20 class coin. In April 2019, with the launch of the Binance Chain mainnet, the token was transferred to another blockchain, and today the coin belongs to the BEP2 BNB class..

How to use:

  • investment instrument. According to CoinMarketCap data, the ROI on the coin is over 9000%;
  • as a means of payment at the site. For tokens, you can buy other coins or pay a commission;
  • as a trading instrument.

Most recently, BeInCrypto reported that someone accidentally burned $ 20,000 worth of BNB tokens, but the exchange helped the user solve the problem..

Top 5 exchange tokens worth paying attention to

NMX Token

Internal token of the Russian cryptocurrency exchange Nominex, which is still an internal instrument. An ERC-20 class token can be used as a payment instrument or an investment asset. This is a service token that does not give the right to a share in the company, but it may well be used to pay for certain services. NMX can not only be purchased on the exchange for $ 1, but also received as a gift from the platform or won during a demo or real tournament for traders.

How to use:

  • pay commissions for transactions. Since tokens are credited to traders on a daily basis, the actual commission for a trader on the exchange will be $ 0;
  • use as an investment instrument for the sale after the release of the token on other exchanges;
  • to receive bonuses within the affiliate program;

HT Token

The Huobi cryptocurrency exchange token is a full-fledged means of payment. HT is available in trading pairs with leading crypto and DeFi tokens. The coin value is $ 4.53, and the total capitalization exceeds $ 950 million.The return on investment in the coin is estimated at 202%.

Top 5 exchange tokens worth looking out for

The cryptocurrency exchange recently announced the expansion of its presence in Russia.

How to use:

  • to purchase monthly VIP plans;
  • pay discounts on commissions;
  • take part in voting on the development of the platform;
  • get early access to private exchange events;

OKB Token

Token cryptocurrency exchange OKEX, the cost of which is $ 6.24 today, and capitalization exceeds $ 347 million.The return on investment in the token is estimated at 294.76%.

Top 5 exchange tokens worth looking out for

How to use:

  • to pay commissions on the exchange;
  • to buy cryptocurrency;
  • for investment.

Waves Token

This is the internal token of the Waves cryptocurrency exchange. The ERC-20 token is trading today at $ 2.22, and its total capitalization exceeds $ 229 million. The coin can be used as a means of payment and investment asset. Today 160 trading pairs have been created with the Waves token, including pairs with bitcoin, ETH and other coins..

How to use:

  • buy other coins;
  • pay commissions;
  • use as an investment asset;

In addition, Russian Expobank recently issued its first loan secured by Waves tokens.

Earlier BeInCrypto talked about tokens that can replace USDT.


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