Top 5 most anticipated airdrops of 2020

Top 5 most anticipated airdrops of 2020

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Top 5 most anticipated airdrops of 2020

  • Crypto community expects new airdrops after UNI distribution

  • Industry participants follow young projects in anticipation of airdrop

  • The five most promising startups in terms of airdrops

Top 5 most anticipated airdrops of 2020

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Airdrop, or free distribution of coins, is an event that cryptocurrency lovers do not miss. A whole movement has arisen in the community, called airdrop hunting (hunting for free giveaways).

Token hunters track startups and wait for airdrops to receive coins and then exchange them for cash. Most recently, Uniswap announced the distribution of 400 UNI tokens to the project participants. In the first three hours, the project received more than 13,000 applications.

BeInCrypto editorial staff collected the top 5 projects that have not yet announced an airdrop, but it is likely that the free distribution of tokens will still take place.


The project offers a universal application for managing decentralized finance and is analogous to platforms such as Zerion, ZapperFi. A special algorithm allows you to automatically adjust the parameters of a position to protect its liquidation.

Today the project is already supported by such popular platforms as Aave, Compound, Maker Dao. DeFiSaver does not currently have its own token. But, given the specifics of the development of DeFi projects and their popularity in the market, it can be assumed that the startup will launch its own token. As the use of cryptocurrencies grows, new types of tokens appear. They can represent value or something intangible like voices. Two … More, which will serve as a domestic tender or act as an investment asset.

Idle Finance

The project is focused on profitable farmers. Thanks to special algorithms, users can receive up to 21% of the profit from participation in liquidity pools. As the founders of the project explain, the user just needs to register on Idle Finance, choose the most attractive strategy from the proposed ones, deposit stablecoins, and receive passive income in the first days after registration.

The project works with such well-known platforms as Aave, Compound, Oasis, DyDx and others. Until the company issued its token. Nevertheless, Idle Finance users hope that sooner or later this will happen..

Set Protocol

This is a protocol that allows you to create pools of tokens and then invest in them. In other words, each registered user can compose his investment basket from a pool of tokens that he chooses. How it works? The user gains access to the list of tokens and collects them into their shopping cart. In the future, he can rebalance them depending on the market situation..

Special robo-advisors can tell you which token is worth investing in right now, and when it is best to get rid of assets that are losing value. The project already has its own Set token, with which you can buy other coins for the investment basket, as well as pay for the services of the platform itself. The company hasn’t held an airdrop yet, so hunters are expecting a free airdrop soon..


Atomica is the company that developed a stand-alone algorithmic protocol designed to hedge DeFi risks. The project was created with grants from Protofire, Maker Dao and Altoros.

Top 5 most anticipated airdrops of 2020

In fact, users earn interest by providing funds that will be paid to other members to cover losses due to errors, hacks, or oracle failures. Today, the project is already collaborating with leading DeFi platforms such as Uniswap, Maker Dao, Compound, and others. So far, the company has not issued its own token and is not holding an airdrop. However, users are hoping that the protocol will eventually launch their coin.


Opyn is another project offering asset insurance services in DeFi Decentralized Finance (DeFi) – this is financial services, built on blockchain technology, which offer users access to open, effective and … More and hedging the risks associated with the ETH token. The protocol allows you to protect investments from ETH volatility and flash memory failures, immediately redeem ETH on Uniswap, store all ETH or DeFi tokens in a single wallet.

The project has not yet presented its coin or carried out an airdrop, but industry participants assume that the Opyn token will still appear, as there are more and more people who want to hedge their risks in DeFi every day..

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