Underground miners wreak havoc …

Underground miners wreak havoc …

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Underground miners damage the economy worth millions of rubles

  • "Rosseti" complain about underground miners

  • Home mining leads to fires in homes and garages

  • Russia can become an oasis for cryptominers

Underground miners wreak havoc ...

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Rosseti complains that shadow miners are stealing electricity worth millions of rubles a year. For three years, the total damage to the company from the actions of illegal mining farms and retail miners amounted to 450 million rubles.

Mining Fever Suffers Electricity Providers


As Rosseti employees admitted in their official Telegram channel, since 2017, the company has been regularly recording electricity thefts from the network. For three years, the total damage amounted to 450 million rubles. In total, 35 cases of theft of electricity were recorded.

“Since 2017, we have been recording attempts by unscrupulous merchants to reduce their costs and increase profits by stealing electricity for the purpose of mining cryptocurrencies. We call such entrepreneurs “black miners”, – it was said in the message.

The first thefts of electricity from the network occurred in 2017, that is, during the period of rapid development of cryptocurrencies and mining. Trying to make money from mining cryptocurrencies, the Russians organized self-made mining farms in their own apartments, garages and summer cottages. And in order not to pay for electricity, they arbitrarily connected to the power grid. Naturally, in a number of cases, such activities led to sad consequences. Regularly in Russia, Emergencies Ministry services register cases of fires as a result of uncontrolled home mining. Formerly BeInCrypto togetherl, that an underground miner from Vologda started a fire in his own garage. The likely cause of the fire was the explosion of one of the computers. Firefighters suspect the equipment in operation was generating too much heat and exploding as a result.

A similar case occurred in the Primorsky Territory. The miner started a fire in a residential building that destroyed seven apartments and a roof. The amount of damage exceeded 53 million rubles.

Despite such incidents, miners are not going to stop mining cryptocurrency, but, on the contrary, are planning to increase it. In the past few days, domestic miners began to massively sell outdated equipment in order to purchase new ASICs for mining BTC.

Underground miners wreak havoc ...

According to Arseniy Grusha, co-founder of Vatum, this decision is very correct and balanced. After all, mining cryptocurrencies can be a good passive income.

“For the CIS countries, and Russia in particular, home mining is still beneficial. First, the cost of electricity in Russia is much lower than in America or China. And these are certain advantages for miners. Even the use of 2-3 modern miners can bring up to $ 500 in profit per month, which is a significant amount for remote regions of Russia. And that’s passive income. I believe that if today there is an opportunity to put 2-3 miners somewhere in the country where you have cheap electricity, then be sure to use this, ”he said..

What will happen to mining in Russia


While Rosseti is calculating losses, the mining industry in Russia is developing at a rapid pace. For example, last year Rosenergoatom spent $ 4.8 million on the construction of the largest mining farm in the country. The company does not intend to mine cryptocurrency on its own, but will only lease the production facilities of the data center for miners from other cities, regions and even countries. in 2021, the company will launch another mining center in the Siberian city of Seversk. The expected capacity of the center will be at least 200 MW. It is expected that 84 containers for mining equipment will be installed on the territory.

Three more mining points will be opened near the Kola and Baltic nuclear power plants, as well as near the Angarsk electrolysis chemical plant. The total capacity will be 130 MW.

Underground miners wreak havoc ...

According to the TokenInsight report, a record number of miners are registered in Russia – about 140,000 people. According to this indicator, Russia has overtaken China – there are slightly less than 84,000 miners, Ukraine – 56,000 miners, the USA – about 45,000 miners and Venezuela – about 30,000 miners. This means that Russia is a priority region for mining, and in 2020, after the halving of bitcoin, the number of miners is likely to increase..


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