Users accuse Bitforex exchange of fraud

Users accuse Bitforex exchange of fraud

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Users accuse the Bitforex exchange of fraud

  • Users accuse Bitforex of fraud with Gram tokens

  • Clients cannot get their futures back

  • The problems around TON don’t end there

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BeInCrypto has received a message from users of the Bitforex exchange, who accuse the site of fraud with futures for the Gram cryptocurrency. After the closure of the TON project, the site was obliged to return the funds to users, but has not yet done so.

Get our money back!


The closure of Pavel Durov’s TON project led to numerous problems not only for the Telegram team itself, but also for exchanges that actively traded futures for tokens. On May 16, a message was received that the project was finally closed, and Durov himself prohibits the further sale of Gram futures, as well as the use of the TON brand in any other projects.

After this announcement, the owners of Gram futures contracts turned to exchanges for a refund due to the closure of the project. The users of the Bitforex platform did the same. However, the project management is in no hurry to return the money invested by clients..

“In October 2019, they released Gram futures for sale, selling them then 1 million futures for $ 500 thousand, at $ 0.5 per one futures. Recently Pavel Durov announced the closure of his project and that the Gram cryptocurrency would not be released. Accordingly, the Bitforex exchange is no longer able to execute the Gram futures contract on May 16, 2020. they closed the pair, canceling the trades, but gave people back instead of the $ 0.5 they owed per futures, just $ 0.01 per futures. In general, of all the money they collected, they returned, for inexplicable reasons, only 2% of the total amount, “- said in a statement received by the editorial office of BeInCrypto.

As the author of the appeal explains, Gram futures for 8 months on their stock exchange all the time were sold for an average of $ 2. People bought at $ 2, sold at $ 2. Then, 5 hours before the close of this pair, they artificially collapsed the price to a minimum, placed hundreds of thousands of futures that had come from nowhere in the glass, setting a paltry price for them and then closing trading, paid all people who have Gram futures at $ 0.01 per piece.

Users accuse Bitforex exchange of fraud

As proof, the author attaches several screenshots, where it can be seen that the opening price was fixed at $ 0.5. The graph shows that for all 8 months, since October 2020, the average price for Gram futures was $ 2 and never fell below $ 1. In other words, the exchange should return funds to users at the rate of $ 0.5 for futures, and not $ 0.01, as is the case now..

Users accuse Bitforex exchange of fraud

Will investors get back the money invested in TON?


Users accuse Bitforex exchange of fraud

Note that investors in many countries of the world have faced a similar problem. After the official closure of the project, users demanded their money back, but it was not so easy to return it. The fact is that Durov himself promised to return the funds exclusively to US investors. As for the rest of Telegram clients, there is no question about the return of the invested money – they were aimed at developing a project that was ultimately not launched.

Now investors are thinking about filing a class action lawsuit against Durov’s company or are considering the option of concluding a loan agreement. Either way, getting your investment back will be very difficult..



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