We will soon find out if there is life without the Internet

We will soon find out if there is life without the Internet

Life Without Internet (When the Whole World Has Gone Virtual)


We will soon find out if there is life without the Internet

  • The world is under the threat of a digital pandemic

  • The cost of a global internet outage could be in the trillions of dollars

  • Business and governments need plans "digital rollback"

We will soon find out if there is life without the Internet

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Phishing, stealth mining, cryptojacking and cyber extortion will soon spiral out of control and lead to a global internet lockdown that will become a digital version of a global pandemic and cost the global economy trillions of dollars.

Cyber ​​pandemic on the doorstep

The cyber pandemic caused by hacking, digital fraud and cyber intrusion into privacy will set us back decades ago, forcing us to return to telephone wires, radio transistors and paper letters, says Yuri Zhdanov, President of the Russian Section of the International Police Association, Doctor of Law, Professor, Emeritus Lawyer Of Russia.

According to the expert, a cyber pandemic is already more than just internet fraud, and it is as inevitable as the biopandemic of future diseases. Moreover, against the backdrop of the coronavirus and widespread quarantines, cybercriminals’ activity has increased dramatically, with the most frequent victims of hackers are individuals, important infrastructure and even hospitals..

“Since the beginning of March, the world has seen an unprecedented global increase in malicious cyber activity. Phishing attacks aimed at stealing money or secrets from home office workers have more than doubled since last year. And in some places they have grown sixfold, ”the expert said in an interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

In Russia, the number of cybercrimes from January to May increased by more than 85% compared to the same period last year, while in May users’ computers were most often infected with banking Trojans and hidden mining applications. In Russia, for example, 7% of all organizations have suffered from the Emotet Trojan virus, which can send phishing emails with malicious links and attachments. And hidden mining has grown by more than a third over the past two years.

We will soon find out if there is life without the Internet

The situation is out of control

According to Zhdanov, computer viruses spread much faster than a conventional biological virus, which means that at some point a cyberattack can get out of control and paralyze the entire global network. The expert refers to the results of the research by Nicholas Davis and Algird Peepicate, announced at the World Economic Forum. They believe that a cyberattack with characteristics similar to the coronavirus will spread faster and further than a biological virus.

We will soon find out if there is life without the Internet

By comparison, before the quarantine was introduced, the number of people infected in New York state doubled every three days. The old 2003 Slammer / Sapphire worm doubled in size approximately every 8.5 seconds. During the day, he hit 10.8 million devices. And new strains are not yet capable of this..

Digital lockdown

If the worst predictions come true, millions of devices will be disconnected within days, with economic impacts comparable to or greater than the damage from COVID-19.

“The only way to stop the spread of Cyber-COVID is to completely disconnect all vulnerable devices from each other and from the Internet in order to avoid infection. The entire world could experience cyber-blocking until a “digital vaccine” is developed. All business communication and data transmission will be blocked. Social contact will be limited to people who can be contacted personally, via a copper line, by mail or radio, “Zhdanov suggested..

The expert also added that one day without the Internet will cost the world more than $ 50 billion, and a global cyber quarantine for 21 days could cost more than $ 1 trillion..

Is there life without internet

Residents of Venezuela have already felt what it is like to live without the Internet and even without electricity. Australians have had much the same experience during the recent bushfires that caused power outages and damage to cellular infrastructure..

According to Zhdanov, governments and businesses need to have a digital rollback plan ready. If during COVID-19 people were actively looking for ways to replace physical communication with virtual and hastily moved everything online, cyberpandamism will force us to go the opposite way..

Offline business continuity plans are essential so that organizations can continue to operate in the event of a sudden loss of digital tools and going offline.

In general, those who stood for paperless workflow and digitization of everything may regret the fact that they often turned on the shredder. And the owners of cryptocurrency and holders of bank cards will suddenly cry about the good old paper bills and coins in a regular wallet.


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