While the BTC is losing ground, XRP continues to pump

While the BTC is losing ground, XRP continues to pump



While the BTC is losing ground, XRP continues to pump

  • XRP rose 42% over the past week, testing the $ 0.30 mark.

  • The price is currently trading at the highest levels since mid-February.

  • Community Fears Ripple Co-Founder Jed Mac Caleb May Dump Some Of His Assets.

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Cryptocurrency Ripple has attacked the $ 0.30 mark and does not intend to slow down the pace of growth, demonstrating the most aggressive growth among the top 20 coins.

While the BTC is losing ground, XRP continues to pump

Ripple reveals that he is a fighter

Almost all popular cryptocurrencies have risen significantly in recent weeks. Bitcoin exchange rate (BTC) the day before updated the annual maximum at $ 12,134, and Ethereum (ETH) briefly broke above the $ 400 mark. However, both leading cryptocurrencies soon collapsed. Bitcoin collapsed by about $ 1000 in five minutes and settled at the levels reached. ETH has pulled back from highs in the $ 415 area to highs near $ 320, and is trading in the $ 370 region at time of writing.

While the BTC is losing ground, XRP continues to pump

Meanwhile, the picture looks completely different for Ripple (XRP) – the third cryptocurrency by market capitalization. It is also stalling, having rolled back from the high, noted this morning in the region of $ 0.3250, however, unlike BTC and ETH, it does not give up its attempts to continue growth. In addition, XRP’s pullback from the highs was less massive. At the time of writing, the currency is trading in the $ 0.2860 area.

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According to cryptocurrency aggregator data CoinGecko, over the past week, the Ripple rate has risen in price by 42%, and has strengthened within the day, according to CoinMarketCap, by 7.5%. According to the same CoinMarketCap, the intraday drawdown of Bitcoin is now about 4%, and ETH has grown over this day, but only by 3%.

While the BTC is losing ground, XRP continues to pump

There is something to be proud of

In fairness, we note that the Ethereum rally was more ambitious – the currency reached a 2-year high, while XRP reached only the highest levels since mid-February. However, in the end, Ripple demonstrated the wisdom of the saying “the quieter you drive, the further you will be.” On Friday, the currency broke through the important psychological barrier of $ 0.25, and is now engaged in the next round level of $ 0.3.

According to Cryptoglobe, XRP has seen the largest gains among the top 20 cryptocurrencies over the past week, confidently holding the 3rd place in the list of coins with the largest market capitalization..

Also recently, the editorial staff of BeInCrypto said that XRP entered the top ten assets in terms of daily profitability. Perhaps one of the reasons for the growth of the coin is the positive news about the effective cooperation between Ripple and MoneyGram..

There is something to fear

However, the XRP fanbase is concerned that the current inflation rate may be followed by a reset. Recall that the regular unlocking of tokens from the project’s escrow wallet has long been a common occurrence for Ripple. The company injects millions of new coins into the market every month, and the latest injection, according to Whale Alert, was 200 million XRP..

In addition, Ripple co-founder Jed McCaleb, who, leaving the project, entered into an agreement with the company, according to which he became the owner of 9 billion XRP, remains a dark horse. Since then, he has regularly sold coins in the volumes previously agreed with the project. It is possible that he will want to take advantage of the current rise in prices, provoking its fall. Many members of the crypto community have already expressed concern about this prospect..


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